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MakerspaceKanpur is Kanpur's first ‘maker space’ where Designers, Makers, Geeks, Techies, Coders, Tinkerers and Hobbyists come together to create amazing products and projects that they could not have done by themselves. MakerspaceKanpur is a combination of an enabling community and physical space where professionals, students and hobbyists get access to professional tools, learn how to use those tools, meet and collaborate with other talented individuals to make things that matter to them and their community.

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Arduino, IOT, Physics , Robotics and Chemistry Experiments
We explore new topic and project every sunday. Currently MakerSpaceKanpur is powered by IOTWEBPLANET.COM, online store for makers of india.


Robotics, Coding, IoT

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Install JDK on Ubuntu in 6 Steps

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is an implementation of either one of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, or Java Platform, Micro Edition platforms released by Oracle Corporation in the form of a binary product aimed at Java developers on Solaris, Linux, macOS or Windows.The JDK includes a private JVM(Java Virtual Machine) and a […]

Safe Off Switch to Power Down Your Raspberry Pi

Some time it is hard to find solution for raspberry pi. This time we are solving issue : how to Power Down Your Raspberry Pi using GPIO. Step1: copy script from Step2: sudo apt install python3-gpiozero #connect button GPIO 21 and GND #run below command to test python3 # hold button(gpio21 and GND) for 2 […]

Adding GPS tracking to your Raspberry Pi-based projects

Hi geeks some time it is hard to manage gps connection to Raspberry PI. dont worry we need following item needs for connectivity Raspberry pi 3 USB to TTL adapter (Prolific PL2303) Neo 6M-0-001 Ublox GPS Module Step:1 Connect your GPS module to USB to TTL adapter(Tx and Rx cross connection Required dont get confused) GPS […]

How to Install Ubuntu

UBUNTU Ubuntu is an open source operating system for computers. It is a Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture. It is usually run on personal computers, and is also popular on network servers, usually running the Ubuntu Server variant, with enterprise-class features. Ubuntu runs on the most popular architectures. Things That Ubuntu Does Better Than Windows 1- Ubuntu is different. […]

How to install CP2110 USB Driver on any operating system

If you want to start your career in Internet of Things get Node MCU Ch340 v3 or Node MCU CP2110 Hi Geeks if you have purchased Node MCU CP2110 . That means you are on Right place. Download CP2110 Driver for Your Operating System here Next step you know just extract ->next ->agree ->continue……… Now […]

How to create Barcodes in python

What is a Barcode? A barcode is an optical, machine-readable , representation of data , the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode . Traditional barcodes systematically represent data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or one-dimensional (1D) ,we can quickly test on […]